The Universal Living Wage Whitepaper

Q. How can we prevent homelessness, boost local economies, and protect our nation’s most vulnerable workers?

A. We can enact the Universal Living Wage, Discharge No One into Homelessness, and Create Livable Incomes.

This in-depth whitepaper looks at the economic and social advantages of enacting a universal living wage. It has been distributed to all members of Congress, all Senators, Governors, select members of the Cabinet, the Vice President, President, and First Lady. Read it, share it and discuss it freely.

This paper was written by Richard R. Troxell, Founder of House the Homeless, an organization fighting to end homelessness in our lifetime. The forward was written by Professor Edward S. Cahn, Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of the District of Columbia and Founder, TimeBanksUSA.

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