House The Homeless, Inc.

P.O. Box 2312

Austin, Texas


(512) 796-4366

Homeless Memorial

HTH Tree of Remembrance honoring the homeless who die on the streets of Austin, TX. 

In 1993, House The Homeless dedicated a Memorial Plaque and
Tree of Remembrance to those individuals who have died in Austin, Texas
as a result of being homeless. Each year we hold a Sunrise Memorial Service
every November on the shores of Town Lake.

Since 1993, hundreds of individuals have died because of homelessness.
Because the homeless population is hard to count to begin with,
these are just the individuals that we are aware of.

In 2007 alone, 93 homeless individuals died on the streets of Austin.

Reading of the Names: Trish Graham,
Jaime Maldonado, Charles Walker
Colleen Troxell leads the service.

The 2009 Sunrise Memorial Service at Town Lake.

153 Homeless individuals died in Austin in 2009. This increase is a disgrace to our city, and local Councilwoman Randi Shade spoke and said that the Council would do everything it could to improve this situation. Read the article.

The Homeless Memorial and Tree of Remembrance are located on Auditorium Shores
on Town Lake at South 1st and Riverside Streets, just 75 yards east of the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue
and west of the Fanny Davis Gazebo.



It is the essence of Depression

It is Immoral

It is Socially Corrupt

And it is an

Act Of Violence...

In Memory to those who have

lost their lives on the streets of

Austin, Texas