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a Night at Umlauf

a Fund Raising Event for



      The Home Coming Fund Raising Postcard

 A trio of Statues by Internationally renowned sculptor Timothy P. Schmalz


Feature Performances by 

Chalumeau Clarinet Quartet 

ARCOS Dance Company 

Deann Renee & Her Band 


with a special performance by 

Sara Hickman



 House the Homeless is working to bring Co-Founder, Richard R. Troxell’s vision, as realized by sculptor Timothy P. Schmalz, to Austin as a lasting memorial to those who have lost their lives to homelessness.  Immediate donations are needed to raise funds for the final casting in bronze and site placement.


Timothy at work


Please join us Thursday, November 13th

6:00-9:00 pm

At the Spectacular Umlauf Sculpture Garden

605 Robert E. Lee Rd.


Click here-  The HomeComing_Color (1)

to purchase event tickets, raffle tickets, or to make a donation.  Thank you for your support. 









Richard R. Troxell, president and CEO of House the Homeless, Inc. has taken a step to put a “face” on  homelessness when he conceived of and first sculpted his miniature statues (see description and photos below)  of a Veteran and his daughter having a chance encounter of sharing and giving with an elderly African American woman.


Timothy P. Schmalz, internationally acclaimed sculptor and his business partner, Tony Frey, have asked to sculpt Richard’s concept,  “The Home Coming” statue.  Mr. Schmalz has been called the, “Michelangelo of our day,” and has created religious and secular bronze statues all over the world.


Mr. Schmalz and Richard have spent the last 3 months in intense discussions sharing concept sketches regarding the proposed project.  In December, they reached an agreement and have since signed a contract for Mr. Schmalz to sculpt the three piece statue.  It honors the men, women, and children who have lived and died on the streets of Austin.


Mr. Schmalz is very excited about the opportunity to bring this project to Austin, Texas.



Finally, after thoroughly researching numerous foundries, we are most pleased to report reducing costs by a couple hundred thousand dollars with the cost now less than it takes to assist three people in receiving substance abuse detox and treatment in preparing them for housing.



Mr. Schmalz has begun sculpting an intermediate size statue immediately and House the Homeless will continue the statue “gifting process” to the City of Austin.


Click Below to see Timothy working and speaking about the project.


timothy_schmalz_and_pope_francis.jpg.size.medium2.promoYouTube video of Timothy speaking:


YouTube footage of Timothy sculpting The Home Coming:


The Home Coming is a project to create life-sized bronze sculptures to
complement and humanize the Homeless Memorial
which has existed in Austin, Texas for over two decades.

Mail checks to:
House The Homeless, Inc.,
P.O. Box 2312, Austin TX 78768-2312
Please specify that it is for the Bronze Statue The Homecoming.


A donation of $500.00 or more entitles the donor to a miniature of The Homecoming statue.  Please specify- “I would like the miniatures.” or “No miniatures” in a note with your check or in the comment box when paying with PayPal. 


The homeless tell us that they feel invisible –

The Homecoming will at last put a face on homelessness, showing the plight of the Veteran (one-third of all homeless are U.S. Veterans), his child (the average age of the homeless is nine years old), and the forgotten woman (a victim of domestic violence, physical or mental illness, lost jobs and benefits).
Sculpture artist, founder and president of HTH, Richard R. Troxell, has donating his time and labor to the project.


12/10/2013- We have a signed contract!!  Timothy P. Schmalz, world renowned artist
referred to as “the Michaelangelo of our time,” who recently had his homeless
statue blessed by Pope Frances, has agreed to sculpt our concept of The
Homecoming.  See his other wonderful sculptures at




Artists Statement
By contributing your funds, you are joining our JOURNEY.  We offer the following to
 enhance your own ability to educate others, advocate for folks without a home, and 
use art to put a face on our citizens experiencing homelessness to further local and national discussion.


Pledges and payment commitments are payable over time.
Please see if your employer offers matching donations for charitable organizations.

* Donations are tax-deductible to the limit of the law. 100% of all donations will be applied to the tax-exempt purposes of HTH,
including materials and related costs for the statues and marquettes.


The Homecoming is a project of House the Homeless, Inc. (HTH), an all volunteer educational and advocacy group
founded in Austin, TX in 1989. Our mission is education and advocacy surrounding all issues of homelessness.

We consider all homeless and formerly homeless individuals to be members.
At least 60% of HTH Board of Directors is comprised of homeless/formerly homeless people.
HTH has a solid history of stewarding donations and
maintaining overhead at approximately 5%.

For 20-plus years, HTH has held a Sunrise Memorial Serving on Auditorium Shores to remember an increasing number of men, women and children who have died while trying to survive homelessness. At each Memorial, HTH launches its community-supported Thermal Underwear drive and party to provide warm clothes to help protect against exposure and hypothermia. Our ultimate goal is to reduce these untimely deaths by providing opportunities to get off the streets by promoting collaborative job training, living wages, case management, transitional housing, and affordable housing. HTH also has a voice on national coalitions and our Universal Living Wage campaign is endorsed by hundreds of businesses, unions, faith-based and nonprofit organizations nationwide.


Our goal is to reach $100,000 from donations and grants for The Homecoming*

Slideshow On The Process To Make The Statues

The Home Coming Behind the Scene

The Veteran in my mind is  lost in his own revelry. His promises of “America the Beautiful”  have been betrayed. He sacrificed his youth and in thanks only gained the aching hollowness left behind by lost brothers.  He will go on because he has true grit. But he is shop worn. Yes, he is angry but he swallows his anger or his daughter.  His anger is suppressed and has been supplanted with the drive to bring his daughter into a better world if he can only find it.  His gaze is lost staring into the fire as happens to people late at night at the end of a very very long day…. or after years of searching for “the promised land.”

The interaction is between the old woman and the child.  The child sees her first, because in spite of everything, her spirit remains alive…vital. The old woman is defeated. She may well have partial cataracts following decades absent of medical care.  She has lost everything. She raised three children. One is now dead and two are blowing in the wind. Her husband just left one day and never returned. She is in the absolute darkness. Suffering chronic depression, she trudges from nowhere and is going to nowhere.  When she first sees the flicker of the fire light in her upper peripheral vision, she is not sure of the shadowy figures behind it.


The little girl sees her and sees the old woman as  a possible companion…who may know the secretes that the future holds for her. They are reflections of one another’s past and future. The girl is desperate to strike a spark only struck between two gals… the little girl coaxes the old woman to the camp almost like a puppy.


The old woman now drawn closer to the camp, is still hard pressed to see and understand the intentions of the man and daughter now seen clearly warming themselves by the fire. The Veteran father feels the excitement in the body of his little girl, and he is stirred from his daze.  Looking at the little girl and then following her gaze, he sees the old woman and realizes his daughter’s desire to welcome her into their camp.  He immediately follows suit and beckons the old woman to the warmth of the fire.  Haltingly, the old woman closes the gap between them and then she freezes. The essence of the moment envelopes her.  She is being welcomed into their camp…their home. She is being beckoned…welcomed home…no questions. She is emotionally and physically over-whelmed.   Her satchels… her burdens, drop the last 1 1/2 ” to the ground. There is a look of awe, wonderment, relief, joy…even tears. The energy release can be seen in her shoulders…her entire being.  The statue is called The Home Coming.


HTH Staff Contributors And Supporters

Supporting Organizations and Civic Leaders


Caritas of Austin

Mobile Loaves and Fishes

Casa Marianella

Stephen Dubov- artist

Austin Baptist Chapel

Travis County Veterans Services

Heather Tolleson-artist

Art On The Way

President of Texas Society of Sculptors

The Salvation Army

Trinity Center

Safe Place

Peoples’ Community Clinic

Foundation Communities

Challenger Newspaper

Central Presbyterian Church

Susan Greene- sculptor 

Amy Scofield- artist

The Honorable Sam Biscoe Travis County Commissioners Court Judge

Judge Phil Sanders former Municipal Judge & Former City of Austin Federal Magistrate

The Clip Joint Chem-Free Hair Salon, Valerie Romness, Owner/Stylist

Joe Gieselman- sculptor and Form Executive Manger, Travis County

D’Ann John Attorney at Law

Fred Fuchs Attorney at Law & Adjunct Professor

Lauri Raymond Owner Brothers and Sisters-Makers of SASS

David A. Sheppard-Attorney at Law-Board Certified

Ignacio D. Trevino Attorney at Law

Nelson Mock Attorney at Law

Kevin Dietz Attorney at Law

The Texas Civil Rights Project

Bruce Elfant Travis County Tax Assessor & Voter Registrar

Gustavo L. Garcia- Former COA Mayor and City Council Member

Mike Kelly- Lobbyist/Consultant

Bruce Elfant Travis County Tax Assessor & Voter Registrar

Jane Lee Attorney at Law- TRLA

Frank Cooksey Former COA Mayor

Dr Sterling Lands II– Greater Calvary Bible Church

Bill McAfee (Ann) Activist

Worley Printing

Dr. Tor Gotun, DDS

Jane Lee- Attorney at Law- TRLA

Naiara Leite Silva- Legal Advocate- TCRP

Alexis Guadarrama- Legal Advocate- TCRP

Isaac Harrington, Attorney at Law- TCRP

Eva Sikes- Assistance Legal Manager- TCRP

Amanda Hill- Community Outreach and Development Director-TCRP

Glenaan O’Neil- NAWA Program Coadjutant- TCRP

Aalap Shah- MBA graduate student- UT

Kiran Narra

Chirag Jhaveri, MD

Kalpita Shah- Seton PA

Tosin Agbabiaka- Law Clerk- TCRP

Elena Stross- Law Clerk- TCRP

Lauren Kelleher, Law Clerk- TCRP

Amir Naim, Law Clerk- TCRP

Laila Nabi-Law Clerk- TCRP

Max Greenbum- Law Clerk-TCRP



Honoring Statue Stewards

Phil and Pam Friday
Michael and Sharon Chesser


Statue Advisors

Steve Dubov and Heather Tolleson
Michael Hall
Colleen Regnier Steele
Sylvia Troxell
Shannon Brooke MantromKevyn Meagher

Darleen Crawford- graphic designer

Statue Enactment Team   

Pam Friday

Dixie McGrath

David Kee
Hill Country Middle School, Austin,Texas

Justin Noonan, videographer

Blythe Plunkett

Cecilia Blanford