The 18th House the Homeless Sunrise Memorial Service in Austin

House the homeless Memorial Tree This year’s Memorial Service took place on Sunday, November 14th, at 6:58am CT.

City: Austin, TX
Location: At the Homeless Memorial & Tree of Remembrance located on Auditorium Shores at South 1st Street and Riverside Drive. It is just 75 yards east of the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue and just west of the Fanny Davis Gazebo.

Join us for prayer, song, and fellowship as we remember and pay our respects to the homeless women and men who were lost this year while living on the streets of Austin.

Immediately following the Memorial, we’ll continue with the events of National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week including a book signing of Looking Up at the Bottom Line. All proceeds go to ending homelessness. Coffee, cocoa, orange juice and breakfast tacos (from the Hyatt) will be service.

Every year, this Memorial Service kicks of our annual Thermal Underwear Drive to help prevent future illness and death from exposure to the cold over the coming year. If you’d like to contribute to this effort, please donate to the Thermal Underwear Drive here. All donations will go toward purchasing thermal underwear, hats, gloves, scarves, and ponchos for homeless men, women and children in Austin. The Thermal Underwear Drive concludes at our New Year’s Day Party, when we give out all the thermal underwear, hats, gloves, scarves, and ponchos we’ve collected.

Memorial Service Program

“What if God Was One of Us?” — Sara Hickman
Welcome — Colleen Troxell
Invocation –- City Council Member Sheryl Cole
Keynote Speaker -– City Council Member Laura Morrison
“We are Each Other’s Angels” -– Sara Hickman
Salute to Veterans -– Stanley Poullard
Reading of the Names — Sharon Morrison, William Lamar, Homer Sotelo
“It’s Alright; It’s OK” — Sara Hickman
“Minimum Wager” -– Sara Hickman
Perspective -– Richard R. Troxell
Benediction -– Jacob Vanhorn
Closing -– Colleen Troxell
Launch of the Thermal Underwear Drive
“There is Love” — Sara Hickman

Reception to follow at the Fanny Davis Gazebo — food, coffee, cocoa, and friends
ECHO’s Ed McHorse will announce Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week’s activities and Richard R. Troxell will comment on his book, Looking Up at the Bottom Line, with signed copies available. All proceeds go to ending homelessness.

Paying Tribute

For the 18th year, House the Homeless will meet on Lady Bird Lake in Austin Texas and pay tribute to our homeless friends: women, men and children who have lived and died in abject poverty on our streets. May you find peace.

  • Charles “Boxer”
  • Sheila “Twin”
  • John Abiles
  • Steven Allen
  • Leon Anderson
  • Danny Ard
  • Donald Baker
  • Willie Barnes, Jr.
  • John Bendtsen
  • James Bibbs
  • Bobby Bonner
  • Stella Bougainvillaea
  • Martin Bradshaw
  • Ervin Brown, Jr.
  • Tommie Byrd
  • Billy Capps
  • Lawrence Charles, Sr.
  • Dwight Chilcote
  • Jerry Chote
  • Barbara Clark
  • Joe Clark
  • Ruby Collins
  • Gregory Cooper
  • Jose Coronel
  • Darlene Cowley
  • James Cruse
  • Lisa Davis
  • Susan de la Garza
  • Anthony Dean
  • Kenneth Douglas
  • Edward Dutcher
  • Sheldon Firestone
  • Christopher Foley
  • Yolanda Fonseca
  • Bobby Fountain
  • James Fulcher
  • Lupe Galvez
  • James Garduway
  • Herlinda Garza
  • Truman Garza
  • Duane Gieser
  • Hartford Gooden
  • Robert Graves, Sr.
  • Marilyn Greer
  • Michael Grimes, Jr.
  • Fernando Guadarana
  • Orest Gwodziowsky
  • Leslie Hall
  • LeAnn Harrington
  • Wilbert Hart
  • William Helton, Jr.
  • Regulo Hernandez
  • Sharon Hood
  • Terrance Inskeep
  • Leslie Jackson
  • Mark Johnson
  • Carole Johnson
  • John Johnson, Sr.
  • William Jones
  • Donald Jones
  • Sam Jones
  • Walter Keck
  • Joseph Keys
  • Richard Klapperich
  • Vince Lee
  • Carlos Lefebvre
  • Wayne Leonard
  • James Lewis
  • Evelyn Like
  • Pedro Luna
  • Anthony Lyle
  • Diana Mangiocapra
  • Joann Martin
  • Michael Mayberry
  • Armando Mayea-Perez
  • Graham McCristall
  • Robert McWhorter
  • Wilfredo Melgar
  • Juan Mendoza-Martinez
  • Desi Miller
  • Jacque Mitchell
  • Harrold Monroe
  • Brian Moore
  • Elroy Morales
  • Jerry Murphy
  • Alvin Murray
  • Jacobo Navarez
  • Joseph Newman
  • Steven Okey
  • Dario Orona
  • Garciela Ortiz
  • Robert Parker
  • Alcario Pena
  • Eliso Perez
  • Alvin Proops
  • Kenneth Pryor
  • Kenneth Quarles
  • Jose Rameriz
  • Patricia Rangel
  • Gordon Reeder
  • Arthur Richard
  • David Riedel
  • Arnold Robers
  • Frank Robinson
  • Miguel Rodriquez
  • Imunique Rogers
  • James Rostvold
  • Spire Routon
  • Daniel Russell
  • Denese Rutledge
  • Carolina Salguero
  • DeAsia Sauls
  • Joyce Scott
  • John Searcy
  • Michael Shannon
  • Ian Shell
  • Mike Sinclair
  • Jess Smith
  • Darryl Smith, Jr.
  • Leonard Sorrells
  • Eva Sorrells
  • Amado Soto
  • Keith Spain
  • Wallace Speegle
  • Arthur Spitzenberger
  • Virginia Spurell
  • Edward Stanford
  • Vincent Stanik
  • Donald Stubbs, Jr.
  • Elizabeth Stull
  • Winona Summers
  • Diana Swindle
  • LaShawn Swist
  • Olivia Taylor
  • Roy Taylor
  • Karen Teague
  • John Teague
  • Adam Tennant
  • Isaiah Thomas
  • James Thomas
  • Howard Thomas
  • Micah Tolle
  • Augustus Tzortzakis
  • baby girl Vazquez
  • Jessica Velasquez
  • Mack Warren
  • Louise Washington
  • Michael Watts
  • Bruce Weir
  • Lynn White
  • Irene White
  • Karen Wiedemeier
  • Mark Williamson
  • Melvin Willian
  • Louise Willis
  • Jeff Wolfson
  • Stanley Young
  • Freckles
  • Sassy
  1. Michelle Barreto says:

    How can a persons name be added? There is an amazing story of how GOD allowed myself to meet Mr. James Walter Wakins(Wheelchair) on June 27th 2010 on South Congress Ave. and Ben White. He then, after 3 months of waiting for an ID was reunited with family, then died on May 1, 2011. God allowed him to get off the streets just in time to be reconciled with family and restore relationships before taking him home.